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    Product Name: Escalator

    Product number:WE05


    Load capacity:

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    WEIBO Elevator Co., Ltd., based on current European standards and Chinese standards, uses new materials and advanced technologies to design and manufacture. It combines Japanese design style to ensure high quality and elegant comfort. There are two angles to choose from, the 35-degree escalator saves you space, and the 30-degree escalator gives you better running comfort. Applicable to shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places with large traffic, adding a beautiful flowing shadow to your building.

     Escalator model

    Lifting height




    Step width




     WE05  4.5   35   600    0.5 
     4.5  35 800  0.5
     4.5  35  1000  0.5
     4.5  30  600  0.5
     4.5  30  800  0.5
     4.5  30  1000  0.5