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Passenger elevator

Original imported full computer intelligent control system, 32-bit networked microcomputer control, 8 expert intelligent group control, VVVF digital variable frequency drive, car displacement absolute memory, high-end configuration, excellent performance, powerful; can meet different occasions and customers Preferred car decoration and man-machine interface...



Hospital Elevator

Imported control system, 32-bit networked microcomputer, 8 group control, VVVF variable frequency drive, car displacement absolute memory; real-time speed adjustment according to human comfort requirements, smooth and comfortable operation, achieving nearly zero-to-zero leveling accuracy, The bed is in and out as smooth; warm and warm decoration...



Observation Elevator

The original 32-bit microcomputer control system makes the reliable and comfortable inner quality and the exquisite visual beauty of the craft harmonious and unified; a variety of standard products and personalized styles tailored according to different customer preferences can meet the diversified needs of customers; WEIBO Sightseeing Elevator Is a fine art...



Hydraulic elevator

WEIBO hydraulic freight elevators and hydraulic car elevators introduce world-class elevator control and hydraulic drive technology; full computer intelligent control system for modular and networked control; built-in remote monitoring system interface for remote diagnosis and remote control GSM wireless remote debugging...



Car elevator

The use of European original hydraulic components and a full computer intelligent control system fully guarantees the safe and reliable operation quality of hydraulic car elevators. The car elevator is also equipped with a vehicle access dispatch signal management system, which is an ideal vertical transport vehicle for parking garages (fields) fast moving cars...




WEIBO Elevator Co., Ltd., based on current European standards and Chinese standards, uses new materials and advanced technologies to design and manufacture. It combines Japanese design style to ensure high quality and elegant comfort. There are two angles available for users to choose from....



Villa elevator

The villas are rich and elegant, creating a superior life. Weibo Villa Elevator adheres to the concept of humanistic home design and integrates with the villa. Improve quality and enjoy life. Its elegant posture, noble quality, no - does not reflect the elegance of the villa...