WEIBO Elevator Helps “South Taihu Elite Industrial Park” Selected as “Nantaihu Local Special Support Plan” to boost Huzhou's intelligent transformation and upgrading

2019.05.05Company news

  With its product advantages, WEIBO Elevator provides WPN30 passenger elevators for the Nanxun Park project of “Huzhou Nantaihu Elite Industrial Park” in 2018. Nanxun District “South Taihu Elite Plan Industrial Park” is located at the junction of Nanxun Avenue and Shiyuan West Road in Nanxun District. The total investment of the industrial park is 718 million yuan and the total construction area is about 69,000 square meters. After completion, multi-format business projects will be introduced. It integrates entrepreneurial incubation, technology research and development, headquarters economy and life support to create a young and energetic elite industrial park. The "Hunan Nantai Lake Elite Program" is a talent new policy implemented by high-level talents to promote and promote the economic and social transformation of Huzhou. It is also the highest-end talent plan in Huzhou.
   Fortunately, from the Nanxun District Science and Technology Bureau, the "Low-rise Residential Elevator" project, which was declared by Yao Yifeng, the general manager of WEIBO Elevator, was carefully selected by the Science and Technology Bureau in the early stage of talent mapping, project declaration, and expert defense. The leading talents and team organization, the research project has strong innovation and development prospects, and has been recognized by experts. It was selected as the “Southern Taihu Local High-level Talents Special Support Plan” in Huzhou City in 2018, and became the first batch of scientific and technological innovation leaders in Huzhou. The “Southern Taihu Local Special Support Plan” is a “sister project” for talent innovation and entrepreneurship that is linked to the “South Taihu Elite Plan” talent introduction system. It focuses on the cultivation and use of local high-level talents, and is also a good talent in the city. "An important part of the combination of boxing, providing strong local talent support and intellectual security.

   It is reported that the technical team led by Yao is not the first to be selected for the city's exclusive plan. The project "Technology Development of Elevator Switched Reluctance Control System" researched in 2013 is a joint project of Huzhou City-level innovation project and industry-university-research project; 2015 and China The “Technology Generation and Process Status Tracking System for Elevator Manufacturing Enterprises”, which is cooperating with the University, is the key project of Huzhou Science and Technology Bureau's 2015 major in manufacturing information technology. WEIBO's technology research and development team undertakes the experience of city-level science and technology projects and the team's multiple runs, and has the ability to research and develop products based on market demand. Mr. Yao himself is a reserve candidate for the Huzhou 1112 project.
   Under the leadership of General Yao, WEIBO Elevator has always adhered to the road of independent innovation. Its differentiated competitive thinking and low-key and pragmatic work style have deeply influenced WEIBO's development and also guided WEIBO's anti-trend in the overall market downturn. before. "Technology enlightens up and down, professional security" is the business philosophy of WEIBO  Elevator as always. Independent innovation will bring WEIBO into the development track of “more professional, more efficient and more energy-saving”, and dialogue the market with safe, reliable, stable and comfortable operation quality, and embark on a unique development path of WEIBO!