Anhui Special Edition of the 2018 Classic Project: WEIBO joins hands with quality enterprises, cultivates Anhui, and goes against the trend

2019.05.05Company news

  In 2018, WEIBO Elevator and Anhui Province's leading domestic enterprises: Yingjia Group Co., Ltd. and Hefei Jinrun Rice Industry Co., Ltd. reached a strategic consensus and signed a long-term cooperation plan to provide high-end and perfect elevator system solutions.
   Yingjia Group is a national backbone brewing enterprise. It is the pillar industry of the Dabie Mountain Revolutionary Old District. It is a 30-degree winemaking enterprise in China. The group has more than 10 large-scale legal entities such as brewery, beverages, real estate, hardware products, glass and ceramics. It covers an area of 1.2 million square meters and employs more than 10,000 people. The Weibo Elevator serves the Hengshan Longting Project developed by Baofeng Real Estate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Yingjia Group. The Hengshan Longting Project is the first masterpiece of the Yingjia Group in the real estate sector. It is located in the north of Huoshan County and north of Huer Street and west of Huoshan Avenue. It is a key project of Huoshan City. WEIBO provided a period of 4 units, 72 units in the second phase, and a total of 76 sets of WP175 and WP40 small computer room passenger elevators. The 4 units of the first phase have passed the acceptance test and have been well received by customers. It is also because of the excellent quality of the first phase of 4 units that won the favor of the second phase.

   Hefei Jinrun Rice Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production and sales of rice and grain fats. It is the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province, the top ten rice processing enterprises, and the top 20 private enterprises in Anhui Province. WEIBO supplied WF20 and WF30 models of freight elevators for its new plant.
    Recognized by well-known enterprises and key enterprises, WEIBO Elevator has been deeply involved in the Anhui market for many years. It has a deep understanding of customer needs, and is concerned about all aspects of elevators from design to installation, and the inevitable result of providing high-quality elevators and nanny services. Let more customers experience the comfortable and safe operation of WEIBO Elevator, and become an elevator company recognized by Anhui customers and recognized by Anhui market.